Wednesday, August 29, 2007

About Sean Miller and

About Sean Miller and

Sean Miller is a native of Hillside, NJ. Where while growing up, he experienced many of life's lessons. It is also where his first novel "A Gambit for Love" is loosely based.

Sean attended college at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia. While there, he discovered his passion for writing and thus began his journey by writing poetry and short stories. During his journey, he joined the U. S. Naval Reserve where he served for 6 years.

Sean's critically acclaimed first novel "A Gambit for Love", cleverly relates the characteristic of chess and parallels them in an intriguing love story and was self published through his own publishing company, Freedom Publishing.

Sean currently resides in Brooklyn, NY preparing for the release of his much anticipated stage play production of “My Father’s Child”.

The goal of Sean Miller Entertainment is to bring you quality storytelling projects that are both entertaining and uplifting. The first of which, under the You A Storyteller Productions banner is the inspirational stage play "My Father's Child". Follow the Mills family along their daily trials of life while lessons of faith, perseverance and love are being shared with you in a refreshing story line. You will also enjoy uplifting songs written and produced by up and coming R&B recording artist Tiffany Price. The songs for "My Father's Child" are sure to have you singing on the way home and in anticipation of Sean Miller Entertainment's next storytelling project. Sean Miller is no stranger when it comes to storytelling.

His critically acclaimed novel "A Gambit for Love" has had readers in a hurry to get to the end to see how the love triangle of Steve, Lisa & Monica turns out.

"A Gambit for Love" has satisfied readers on both the east and west coast and in several cities throughout the U.S. "A Gambit for Love" the novel has also inspired the short film, which was entered into the Hollywood Black Film Festival's Pitchathon in front of industry executives. "A Gambit for Love" the movie is a synopsis of the novel and makes you want to read the entire story for yourself. Sean Miller Entertainment will continue to bring you quality storytelling projects for your reading, listening and viewing pleasure.

If you not tell'n our story...then You A Storyteller.

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